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Shengdi Group has an honour to invite you to take part in the Asian premiere of the Lineapelle short-movie “I come from”
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The Asian premiere of Lineapelle short movie “I come from” will be held during the LINEAPELLE Asia 2015 on October 21st, 12PM at Guangzhou W Hotel. 

The 13th edition of LINEAPELLE Asia 2015, co-organized by Shengdi Group will be held in Guangzhou W Hotel from October 21st – 22nd

Lineapelle Asia is a specialized exhibition of top European leather producers held once a year in Guangzhou. This year’s edition will be enriched with “Lineapelle inspirational Trend Seminars Autumn-Winter 2016-2017” as well as the Asian premiere of Lineapelle short movie “I come from” , telling a story of Italian leather from Ancient Rome until these days. 

“I come from”: 

Leather, more than any other material represents an ideal link between the traditions of the past and the compelling future.

Our story begins in Pompeii, the beautiful and vibrant town in southern Italy that was buried by the terrible reawakening of the verdant Vesuvius volcano and later brought to light in its entirety.

Its ancient tanners recycled food scraps, anticipating the environmentalists, and they expanded the economy. They discovered the jealously guarded secret of the Arabs, who used rock alum to tan small hides. For vegetal tanning, they used oak bark and leaves that produced leather with a warm color and aromatic scent.

Today, Italian tanners represent enterprise, technological innovation, stylistic creation, and international excellence.

Love for an inert material given new life existed in the past and still exists today. The desire to use the alluring colors and texture of leather has grown, and the custom of celebrating rebirth and beauty during festivities remains.

We start from the origins: a poor, beholden artisan industry that after a period of 20 centuries has now become elegant and celebrated.
This short film pays tribute to the tanneries located throughout Italy – from Veneto and Tuscany to Lombardy, and Campania – that have convinced and impressed other producers in many different demanding commercial and industrial sectors around the globe. These companies are also leaders regarding social and environmental issues, working to promote and develop local areas and their communities.


Date: October 21-22, 2015
Opening Hours: 9 am – 5 pm
Venue: Guangzhou W Hotel, Grand Ballroom, 3/F
26 Xian Cun Road, Pearl River New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Organizers: LINEAPELLE
UNIC – Italian National Tanners Association
UNAC – Italian Accessories & Components Association
Co-Organizer: ShengDi Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Sponsor: Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce
Management: LINEAPELLE (Canton) Co., Ltd.


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